Amelia – Australia’s First Handmade Transitional Diamond Clutch

Amelia is a new and appealing offering to the Australian Luxury Jewellery and Accessories market. It is the perfect piece for the modern-day woman wanting a sustainable, 100% Australian Made product that transcends the nature of jewellery adornment. The one-of-a-kind piece has a detachable diamond feature that can be worn on the detachable diamond set chain as a pendant.”

– Tammy Keers

Amelia won the Diamond Category & Artisans Bespoke Jewellers won Jeweller of the Year at the 2023 JAA Australasian Jewellery Awards

About Amelia

Designer: Tammy Keers
Jeweller: Kathy McLay
Leather Smith:
Stella Petrou

Amelia is Australia’s First Handmade Transitional Diamond Clutch by award-winning Jeweller and Jewellery Designer Tammy Keers, handmade jeweller Kathy McLay and leather smith Stella Petrou from Studio Queen 318.

Amelia is a tribute to aviation pioneer Amelia Earheart, the first woman to fly non-stop solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

With a metaphorical sky as the limit, a technical challenge presented itself that would require meticulous attention to detail. Traditional Goldsmithing techniques exhibit a level of expertise that provides an assurance of fine quality and longevity.

An 18ct White Gold Wing Insignia showcases 6.82ct carats worth of natural White Diamonds, taking over 300 hours to design and meticulously craft by hand.

“And just like Amelia Earhart, who was wrapped in heavy leather coats and headgear to brave the cold wind and elements of her pioneering flights, Amelia is also wrapped in the world’s most steadfast and strongest leather – Kangaroo.”

Stella Petrou

“Amelia comes with her own hog hairbrush, for when she has completed a ‘night of Flying’ at an elegant party! She can be brushed down and placed into her ‘private hanger’ box, ready to fly her next mission!”
– Stella Petrou

From Clutch to Jewellery

The Diamond drop feature is detachable from the Diamond Clutch

The detachable Diamond set wrist chain converts into a long Diamond set Chain

The Diamond drop feature can be worn on the Diamond set Chain

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