Message from Tammy Keers

There is collectively over 600 hours of labour, over 175 grams of gold and over 550 diamonds and gemstones that have been Message from Tammy Keers “We started designing this collection in January 2022 when I was feeling really inspired and creative. The team and I wanted to continue Artisans expression of bold colour combinations in stunning designs – combining our love of the Art Deco period with new concepts.

The name ‘Borboleta’ was thanks to my beautiful son Charlie, who taught me this word whilst he was learning the word for butterfly in Portuguese. To me, butterflies are a symbol of peace and hope – a message I wanted to convey through this bright and collection collection. This collection has clocked over 600 hours of labour, almost 200 grams of gold and over 550 diamonds and gemstones that have all been designed, hand crafted and set by the Artisans team right here in our Brisbane workshop.

Never wanting to stand still and be the same as everyone else, Artisans Bespoke Jewellers are leading the way into the next chapter of our almost 20 years in business, which we are extremely proud of. Every piece is truly one of a kind. We welcome you to come instore today to experience the full collection!”

– Tammy Keers and the Artisans Bespoke Jewellers Team xox