Aquamarine Engagement Ring Remodel, from ‘unwearable’ to ‘absolutely stunning!’

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At Artisans Bespoke Jewellers we are so fortunate to be a part of our client’s special moments in life. Recently, we had the pleasure of remodelling a bespoke Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement ring for Jenny and Mick after it had been through a series of unfortunate events.

In this blog article, we deep dive into the perspectives from our team as well as Jenny and Mick’s.

Here is the incredible before and after comparison of the ring. You can certainly see the difference, even from afar.

Jenny’s ring after it had been ‘fixed’ by her local jeweller

When we received the ring, our in-house Gemologist and Valuer assessed the ring in it’s entirety to give our clients a better understanding of what we were working with and some of his observations are noted below;

  • The rings construction is a computer designed and wax printed casting with stones then set in the piece. The casting is poorly cleaned up with a lot of print lines visible both inside the head and on the outside. The cluster surround has growth lines visible all around all stones. The shank has a preformed seat for the head to sit on but the head has not been fitted correctly and is soldered on crooked.
  • The centre stone is set on a lean and is loose.
  • One of the diamonds is broken. On loupe inspection it appears that the shoulders were originally channel set and then cut up and grains were attempted to be raised so as to give a grain set appearance. The cutting and setting of the shoulders is very poorly and and is of an extremely poor standard.
  • The bright cutting of the gold looks more like gouge lines and is of an inferior and extremely poor standard.
  • There are numerous slip and cut lines that have ended on the side of the cluster head and again detract from the finish.

Obviously, the ring had gone through a series of repairs and left in a state where Jenny said her engagement ring was ‘unwearable’, but after visiting us for a jewellery design consultation, we have been able to remodel her ring into a spectacular engagement ring that she is now proud to wear. The amount of love that has gone into each and every detail of this ring is absolutely unsurpassed.

Hazel was the lead designer behind Jenny’s engagement ring remodel design. Read her perspective on the design process below;

It was such a pleasure designing Mick and Jenny’s engagement ring! 

Here at Artisans Bespoke Jewellers we love creating big and beautiful statement pieces so it is always exciting to be given a design brief like Jenny and Micks. To start, we looked at design styles and picked out a few examples from our range of ready made pieces that Jenny liked. From there, we expanded on these ideas tailoring them to suit Jenny’s beautiful Aquamarine gemstone and coming up with flairs and flourishes to make it truly bespoke and personalised to her. This design style is one of my favourites – geometric and Art Deco but with soft, feminine touches. Very old world glamour! 

First 5 Ring Drawings Brian and Hazel designed for Jenny

Brian and I then drew up five design options, all based on the style that Jenny and Mick liked featuring their aquamarine and diamonds. Jenny and Mick then picked their favourite and after finalising the finer details and making sure everything was perfect, it was ready to go into the workshop!

The unique pattern underneath the aquamarine was hand made by our jewellers to compliment the geometric nature of the ring. I think they did a wonderful job! As well as re-designing the ring we also assessed the materials and found that the aquamarine had a few scratches and chips. We re-cut and polished the top of the gemstone which made it bright and sparkly again.

We had a lot of fun during the entire process. Thank you Jenny and Mick for giving us the opportunity to handmake your beautiful engagement ring ❤️ 

Jenny, the lucky owner of this remodelled Aquamarine Engagement Ring was kind enough to allow us to share 
their story below;

“Mick and I were engaged in 2003. How could I say anything but a big “Yes!” as he placed a beautiful 7.50ct aquamarine gemstone set in white gold surrounded with diamonds, on my engagement ring finger. We were married on February of 2005. On this day Mick placed a simple white gold and diamond band, on my wedding ring finger. Mick had planned ahead, knowing that down the track when our first child would be born, he once again would gift me a second white gold and diamond ring, commonly known as the eternity ring.

In 2008 our first son was born. Alas, I was now wearing three rings all with special meaning.

As our lives became busier and careers changed, I spoke with Mick about combining all three rings into one.

We took the three rings into a local Jeweller. The ring was redesigned between the three of us. The white gold was melted down and rebuilt with the existing stones.

The newly rebuilt ring was pretty at first to the naked eye, but over time we had a few reoccurring issues. A couple of claws snapped off, after one resize I couldn’t wear the ring. After the second ring resize, a diamond from the band fell out and another had been chipped during the resize process. Upon taking my ring back to the same Jeweller, this last repair attempt had ended in disaster! The result was a ring that was now of less monetary value, let alone the emotional roller coaster of the item that holds the most sentimental value was now officially unwearable. I asked two other local jewellers if they could help me, but they had openly and honestly told me that they were not able to or did not have the correct tools to complete such a job. They too were sorry about how my ring had ended up in this state.

I had written my ring off, thinking it was too big of a job for any Jeweller and that it would cost way too much to fix.

Soon after, I was speaking with my Sister-in-law who lives in Brisbane. I have always admired her stunning hand made engagement ring.
Sara said again and again, “You have  got to take it to Tammy at Artisans. They do such amazing work”.
Since my ring was in the drawer, I decided to take her advice.

I phoned Artisans Bespoke Jewellers in Brisbane and gave them the full story. After speaking to Tammy, not only did I feel a lot more positive, but rather refreshed about the entire Jewellery Industry and my ring.

Shortly after, I was heading down to Brisbane so I booked an appointment to meet with Brian, one of the Jewellers (and also a Gemmologist) to discus if anything could be done.

Final Drawing of Jenny’s Aquamarine and Diamond and Engagement Ring

Over the coming weeks, Mick and I had met with Brian, Tammy, Olivia and Hazel. We noticed that the entire team at Artisans work very closely and their communication is impeccable. One of the best things about Artisans is that it doesn’t matter where you live in the world, they can design over email, phone and video link you to show and discuss every single detail about your piece of jewellery. I had absolute faith in the team and was looking forward to the very last and final rebuild of my ring.

When the ring was finished, it was posted securely to Mick and I in Darwin.

Mick proposed again with an updated, modern version of the aquamarine engagement ring and we were both gobsmacked at the ring. We both paused for a few seconds as we opened the little white box together, dazzled by this handmade sparkling piece of artwork. Absolutely stunning!

As Mick placed the statement piece on my wedding ring finger, I felt like this ring should have been in the Royal family’s jewel cabinet, not on my finger!

We are both humbled and forever grateful for the detailed work, communication, care and skill that the entire team at Artisan Bespoke Jewellers brought to the table.

Mick and I absolutely adore this new ring and not only do I have pride again in wearing my engagement ring, but I am more than happy that this entire experience had a happy ending, thanks to Tammy and her incredible team.”

Do you have a piece of sentimental jewellery that needs remodelling?

Contact Artisans Bespoke Jewellers to book your jewellery design consultation today!

An important COVID-19 message from Tammy at Artisans Bespoke Jewellers

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Dear Valued Artisans Client,
We cannot thank our Artisans community enough for all their love and support. We hope that you and your family are staying safe and well during these challenging times.

We are open to express 15-30 minute jewellery design appointments. Please call ahead to book and ring the doorbell upon arrival.

On the 5th May, we officially reopened our doors to express 15-30minute appointments. To make the most of your time with our team, prior to coming in for your express design appointment we kindly ask clients to;

  • Email, Call and/or Text through your jewellery design brief including a description and as many photos of your ‘jewellery wish list’ as possible so we can help guide you on your jewellery design journey. Depending on your design, we may curate a selection of hand-picked loose diamonds and gemstones to show you.
  • If you are supplying existing materials for remodelling, please provide photos of your pieces on a white piece of paper, alongside a ruler to help give us a better understanding of what we have to work from to bring your vision to life.
  • Please give us a budget of what you are shopping with to help us guide you on the ideal design direction. If you’re unsure, please let us know so we can give you a ballpark estimate, based on your design brief.
  • If you have no idea where to begin, please give us a call to discuss over the phone or contact us to book in for an express appointment to see/try on our ready-made jewellery collection that features a variety of jewellery design styles.

Our trading hours are below:
Monday – Closed
Tuesday to Friday – 10:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday – 10:00am – Last Appointment (generally between 3:00 to 4:00pm)
Sunday – Closed
Health and safety is our priority

We kindly ask that you please use hand sanitiser upon entry, observe social distancing and to also please be mindful of a 4 client limit in the store at one time.

Our workshop is still busy and open!

Our full range of services including jewellery repairs, bespoke handmade pieces, valuation certificates as well as hand engraving are available to our clients.

Make Your Own Wedding Band Workshops – On Hold until further notice

Since March, our Make Your Own Wedding Band Workshops have been put on hold until further notice. The nature of our MYO wedding band workshops are conducted in a way where we assign 1 teacher for each couple (2 couples in attendance). The tools and materials we work with are quite small and instructions are provided within very close proximity, which won’t be possible if we are to adhere to the social distancing 4sq m rule when indoors.

We will continue to follow the recommendations by the Australian Government and review day by day.
Let’s stay in touch!
If you prefer contactless methods, our team are still available for consultations via email, facetime/zoom and phone. If we require your materials to be dropped off, we will contact you to arrange a time.

Phone: (07) 3369 3798  |  Mobile: 0429 084 852

After 15 years, we still absolutely love our business and are passionate about what we do. If we stand together and support each other, we will make it through and become even stronger together. We must keep sharing love and joy in any way we can. Social distancing may be challenging, but it is vital to keep our most vulnerable safe. I ask that all our wonderful clients and supporters to please stay safe, take care and be kind to one another.
Tammy Keers and the Artisans Bespoke Jewellers Team

When Simon met Sally

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Starting a new job back in 2009, Simon was nervous. We all are on our first day, aren’t we? But it all went well thanks in no small part to the person who was assigned to show Simon the ropes from his first day on the job – Sally.

Fast forward seven years and Simon and Sally are living together in an inner city Brisbane suburb. Sally was soon to make the move back to Mudgee a country town north west of Sydney. The two had pledged to make the long distance relationship work and on a spur of the moment decision, Simon popped the question, and Sally said yes!

Sally and Simon say ‘I do’.

With one day left before she had to move, the Sally looked around Paddington to see if she could find a ring to mark the engagement. Sally had envisaged a vintage/older style engagement ring and as luck would have it, they came across Artisans Bespoke Jewellers and that’s where Sally met Tammy! On that very day, Sally and Tammy designed the perfect ring for them.

Once Sally had moved down south, Tammy called Simon to discuss the quote and design. Simon admitted that the style wouldn’t have been his first pick, but also admitted that he and Sally have very different tastes. However, he was pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the ring and being a geologist, had a great appreciation for gemstones. He readily agreed to the choice of an apricot sapphire after Tammy took him through the strengths and advantages to this stone. Simon felt encouraged and well informed throughout the whole process with our team.

Sally and Simon reunited!
Sally’s beautiful engagement ring

Proving that distance is no issue, Tammy and the team were able to design the ring with input from Sally and Simon and once the ring was complete, Simon picked it up and met Sally halfway between QLD and NSW to deliver the precious cargo.

The message we received from them after that says it all:

Hi Tammy,
I’ll pop in and say hi/thank you when I’m back in Brisbane but I wanted to email quickly to thank you for our ring. We’re in Armidale (half way between Brisbane and Mudgee) this weekend for the ‘exchange’ and we are so so so super stoked with the ring. It’s absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for all your help and for making it a reality!!
I’ve attached a couple of <pretty dodgy but very happy> photos to show you. 
Many millions of thanks and hugs,
Sally and Simon

The wedding ceremony setting
Sally and Simon’s Wedding Bands. Sally’s band slides into her split band engagement ring.

The wedding, which Simon and Sally saw as more of a big party with family and friends, was held on Sally’s farm in Mudgee on a picturesque day in April 2017. Over one hundred guests attended the vintage and homely style ceremony, which was truly an effort of family and friends: they all chipped in for the wedding; Sally’s sister made the cake; and various friends and family helped with the decorations. Sally’s “something borrowed and something blue” was care of Artisans Bespoke Jewellers – we loaned the beautiful aquamarine and diamond drop earrings to the couple for the day.

If you’re looking for that special engagement ring that will last the test of time, please contact us to book your jewellery design consultation with our team!

Domino’s Pizza Slice Engagement Ring

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Say ‘I Dough’ to your loved one who has stolen a ‘pizza’ your heart with this extra cheesy Domino’s pizza slice ring.

Artisans Bespoke Jewellers were commissioned by Domino’s to design and handcraft this ‘dough-mantic’ ring.

Artisans Bespoke Jewellers came up with several different pizza slice ring designs for Domino’s Pizza
Artisans Trade Jeweller Trent Mackay added a heart feature under the ring setting
Image courtesy of Domino’s Australia

The pizza slice ring is 18ct yellow and white gold base topped with over 1ct of diamond ‘cheese’, pepperoni’ rubies and is valued at over $9,000!

Artisans Bespoke Jewellers owner Tammy Keers said that she and her team were excited to take on the fun and creative challenge of bringing a diamond-encrusted pepperoni pizza slice ring to life.

“We believe that there is a perfect engagement ring for everyone, and we cannot wait to see who will take home this one-of-a-kind ring.”

Watch the video that Artisans Bespoke Jewellers made to in honour of the pizza slice ring.

For your chance to win the pizza slice engagement ring, visit the Dominos website, complete the entry form and include a 30-second video detailing how you will involve pizza in your proposal.

Visit Artisans Bespoke Jewellers in Paddington, Brisbane to learn more about our bespoke handmade jewellery and to design your dream engagement ring.

Artisans Bespoke Jewellers 98 Latrobe Terrace Inside
Artisans Bespoke Jewellers – 98 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington – Store Interior

Bushfire Appeal: Silent Charity Auction (1-29 February) – CLOSED

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We are deeply saddened by the devastating bushfires our nation has endured. Our beautiful country needs our help and the team at Artisans Bespoke Jewellers are committed to doing our part!

Tammy & the Artisans Bespoke Jewellers Team



We are hosting a silent charity auction between the 1st – 29th February with all proceeds going to NSW RFS and WIRES.


We would appreciate it if you could please share this event with your family and friends!


Register your details and bid for your chance to win our Artisans handmade 18ct White Gold Australian Black/Blue Sapphire and Diamond ‘Gatsby’ Style Ring.

The winner will receive a complimentary ring resize and an independent valuation certificate.

Each and every one of our handmade rings are a one-of-a-kind piece. We specifically chose this ring as it represents the beautiful Sapphire gemstones sourced in Australia.


Bidding will start at $1,000.00 and increase in $200.00 AUD increments.

Winning Bid: $5,200.00 AUD

Please contact Artisans Bespoke Jewellers via phone or email to register and place your bid.
Call (07) 3369 3798 or Email

Our winning bidder will be contacted on Tuesday 3rd March.


Over 10 million hectares of Australian land has been burned to the ground. Over 1 billion animals have lost their lives so far, including thousands of koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, birds and other iconic wildlife. Your support is urgently needed to care for injured wildlife and restore their homes. 

Read more on the WIRES website

We’re establishing a $10 million fund for our volunteer brigades. These are at a starting point and we’re looking forward to consulting with our volunteers on meaningful initiatives that will make a difference for our brigades and the community.

Read more on the NSW RFS website



Customer Feature Story: Tracey and Clinton

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For this blog, we’re so pleased to introduce you to Tracey and Clinton – a happy couple we’ve been lucky to know for some years.

Clinton says that since the day he and Tracey met, he has felt nothing but blessed and happy and so it was that one day over espresso martinis at South Bank, he popped the question and she said YES!

Our research tells us at that word of mouth is a very powerful thing and in Tracey’s case, she had a work colleague who had a wedding ring made by us. Her colleague had a great experience and recommended us, and so Clinton came in to visit us one afternoon to learn more about our handmade bespoke pieces. Shortly after, Clinton and Tracey booked a design consultation with our team. A big thank you goes out to Tracey’s work colleague!

Meeting with the happy couple to help find the perfect engagement ring, the love they have for each other was evident to all of us at Artisans. After perusing our collection, they decided upon our 18ct white/rose gold alexandrite and diamond engagement 5 stone ring. For those who haven’t heard of the alexandrite gemstone, it’s catch phrase is “emerald by day, ruby by night” because of its unique colour changing properties. Alexandrites are rated 8.5 on the MOH scale, which means that they are strong enough gemstones for everyday wear, like an engagement ring. Check out our Alexandrite gemstone blog here.

Tracey’s 18ct white/rose gold alexandrite and diamond 5 stone engagement ring (worn on top hand). Bottom is a beautiful Australian blue sapphire flanked by cadi cut diamonds (worn on bottom hand).

The wedding was a quiet ceremony, overlooking the azure waters of the Caribbean Ocean in beautiful Jamaica. Slipping the ring on Tracey’s finger, Clinton said that he again felt that familiar feeling of being blessed and happy – the way he has felt since he first met Tracey.

It was a beautiful ceremony, made even more memorable when the Jamaican priest in his awesome accent said “you may KISSSSSSSS the bride”.

The honeymoon was spent in Abu Dhabi and thank-you to the happy couple for sharing this photo with us. The beautiful scenery and happy couple belies the reality of being hurled from side to side in the back of the 4WD to get there!

When asked about their experience with the Artisans team, Tracey and Clinton remarked that it “was friendly, fun, exciting and we felt like we had been friends forever”.

Since Tracey and Clinton tied the knot, they have been back to visit us to get more special pieces designed and handmade. Such as a pair of gold nuggets that we converted into cufflinks for Clinton. For Tracey, it was a beautiful grey spinel, diamond and pink spinel dress ring that had fine butterfly wing details in the setting.

From all of us at Artisans Bespoke Jewellers, we’d like to say a very big congratulations to Tracey and Clinton on their special day and their beautiful Artisans pieces.

Contact Artisans Bespoke Jewellers to book a design consultation today to see how we can bring your jewellery dreams to life or see our full range of handmade bespoke jewellery pieces ready to take home!

Unknowingly buying poor quality jewellery online, it could happen to anyone…

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Once upon a time there was a guy. Let’s call him Matt. And Matt was in love with Ellie. Matt wanted to propose to Ellie and came across a LA-based company on Instagram called Moon Azure (not the real name). This company advertised beautiful engagement rings that Ellie had actually seen before (and mentioned to Matt).

Before planning his surprise proposal, Matt jumped on their website and ordered a 14ct rose gold moissanite & diamond engagement ring.

Once the ring arrived from LA, Matt organized the surprise proposal and Ellie said YES!

Unfortunately it was the wrong size, and instead of sending it back to LA for a resize, Ellie contacted us at Artisans to see if we could do it for her. It turns out that Ellie’s mother was a previous customer and assured Ellie that we were the place that could help.

When Tammy inspected the ring, she was shocked to see how poor the workmanship was, and told Ellie that if they worked on this ring at all, the diamonds would pop out. She told Ellie that it wasn’t a handmade ring and that it should never have been sold as an engagement ring in the first place, given how delicate the ring was.

What followed for Ellie was a mini-workshop on engagement rings. She learned that when designing an engagement ring, it’s important that it is made to withstand being worn everyday for the rest of your life, which means the integrity of the ring must be of the highest order.

The ring that Ellie brought to Tammy, could only be worn once or twice a week at best. How did Tammy know this? Apart from over 25 years of experience Tammy has, it was the way in which the diamonds were set and the lack of weight (ie gold) in the ring. The ring was also sent to an independent valuer who noted on a report that 12 of the diamonds were already chipped.

Armed with this knowledge, Ellie wrote to Moon Azure to voice her concerns and to request a refund. Unfortunately Moon Azure resolutely denied all the points Ellie raised in her email (lack of durability, chipped diamonds etc) and declined to refund her money. Plan A was out the window!

The next move was to send the paperwork from the independent valuation, accompanied with a letter from Tammy to the bank citing that the product sold/bought was not as described. After careful investigation from the bank, Plan B was successful on the grounds of faulty/fradulent behaviour and Ellie received a full refund!

Without missing a beat, Ellie and Matt met with Tammy to get started on designing an engagement ring that was completely bespoke to the two of them, was going to last the rest of their lives and was a visual delight!

Ellie and Matt’s ring was made by hand, in 18ct white gold and featured a 1.42ct radiant cut grey spinel set in rose gold teardrop shape claws.

While this story has a happy ending, we would implore anybody looking to buy an engagement ring online to think twice.

Think twice, shop local and know what your rights are.

Contact Artisans Bespoke Jewellers to book a jewellery design consultation today to design your own bespoke diamond engagement ring.

Customer Feature Story: Jack & Symmie

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Scrolling through Instagram photos of Jack Hingert’s most recent Europe trip with his girlfriend Symmie, you wouldn’t know that he was hiding an Artisans Bespoke Jeweller’s engagement ring in his pocket.

Wanting to choose just the right moment to propose on their European jaunt, but not having planned exactly where to do it, Jack – who is a Defender for Brisbane Roar FC – kept the ring on him until he felt it was the right time. How he got away with it, we’ll never know! But thankfully the right moment came in Positano.

“I can’t think of anywhere more perfect!” he said, and we couldn’t agree more.

After meeting on a night out in Brisbane through mutual friends, Jack and Symmie quickly realized they’d found ‘The One’ and before he knew it, Jack was seeking recommendations for jewellers in Brisbane. Luckily for us, a Brisbane Roar teammate had also had an engagement ring made by Artisans, and he highly recommended us (thanks for that Daniel!).

Not long after that, Jack met with Tammy and they got to work designing the perfect engagement ring for Symmie. He chose a pear shaped 1ct diamond and wanted to surround it with a halo, and after consulting with Tammy, she added some beautiful design ideas to personalize it to the pair.

Upon seeing the ring, Jack said Symmie “just burst into tears – happy of course! She still talks about how much she loves it”.

In Jack’s words, he would definitely recommend Artisans Bespoke Jewellers to family and friends as it was such a great experience. “Tammy and the team were fantastic. They were so friendly and went above and beyond to get me exactly what I wanted. I’m so happy that Daniel recommend them to me. Can’t fault any part of the service”.

We’re so happy for Jack and Symmie. Thank you for choosing Artisans Bespoke Jewellers to be part of your beautiful story, and congratulations on your engagement!

Contact Artisans Bespoke Jewellers to book a jewellery design consultation today to design your own bespoke diamond engagement ring.

Tim, Tabitha & The Katherine Rose Ring

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At Artisans Bespoke Jewellers, we consider it an honour to play a part in our customer’s stories. Every story is different, but each time someone shares them with us, we feel privileged to be part of it. We might even tear up a bit when we see your reactions to the final product (we will neither confirm or deny this).

Our part in Tim and Tabitha’s story began when Tim decided he was going to propose to his girlfriend.

He started to search for a jeweller, and he began the search online. We received an email enquiry from him and quickly made an appointment. Tim says “When I first met Tammy I knew I had found the perfect place”.

The Little Prince by
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In that meeting, Tim shared with us that Tabitha’s favourite book was The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. For those who are familiar with this famous fable, you will know that a rose is an integral part of this story and Tim had a strong vision of designing a ‘rose ring’.

Working with Tammy, they designed a ring that perfectly encapsulated the essence of Tim’s message. He initially wanted a ruby as the centre stone for the rose, but Tammy guided him towards a pink/bronze sapphire to account for durability and everyday wear. Tsavorite garnets were chosen to depict the leaves of the rose.

Our jeweller Kathy, got to work on the design and created the ring on time and to Tim’s budget. Tim’s thoughts on seeing the completed ring for the first time:

“For me, the first time I saw the finished ring, I was completely in awe. It captured my idea and made it a thousand times better. The craft and design are incredible.”

Not long after picking up the ring, Tim sent us the following message:

“Just wanted to let you know that she said yes and she loves the ring! It really is incredible. Thanks again for all your help. It looks amazing in the sunlight!”

She said yes! We were so happy for them both, and Tim followed up later to let us know Tabitha’s initial reaction upon seeing the ring:

“For Tabitha, firstly she was wrapped up in the moment. The ring itself caught the light beautifully and when she realised what it was inspired by she was speechless. She loved the idea that the ring was unique to her, and how well it represents our journey together”.

It was such a pleasure designing and hand making this bespoke piece for Tim and Tabitha. We loved the design so much we wanted to create our own ‘Rose Ring’ inspired by Tim and Tabitha’s story, but with our own Artisans flair. The result was a beautiful rose ring set in 18ct White Gold with a Round Brilliant Solitaire – it was one of the most beautiful engagement ring designs we have seen our jeweller Kathy make, so we named the ring design after her – ‘Katherine Rose Ring’.

Katherine Rose Ring
Katherine Rose Ring
Katherine Rose Ring
Katherine Rose Ring

Artisans Bespoke Jewellers 98 Latrobe Terrace Inside

Why Handmade Jewellery is Superior to Cast

By General

Advancements in technology has led to Computer-Aided Design (CAD) jewellery which has resulted in international brand names entering the jewellery market in droves. CAD jewellery is made by creating a design by computer and printing a 3Dimensional wax print (or mill the design onto metal). Metal is then poured  into a plaster mould and the piece can then be manufactured in bulk. This practice is generally done in factories overseas where labour and manufacturing costs are much lower than in Australia.

Due to the nature of how gold is set in the mould, cast made jewellery lacks strength and integrity compared to a piece that is made by hand. There are very few jewellers in Australia that can manufacture a completely handmade piece without the assistance of a computer. International brand names claim that their pieces are handmade, however the truth is that they are CAD, cast and then ‘finished’ by hand, or the components are individually manufactured by cast and then soldered together. These are not classified as being genuinely handmade.

Continue reading below where we explore the reasons why handmade jewellery is superior to cast.

Handmade Benefits:


A handmade ring is inherently stronger as the forged metal has been hardened by the process of forging, rolling, bending, hammering and shaping with a series of tools by hand.

No Faults In The Metals

During the casting process, the chance of porosity or crystallisation in the metal used are common faults of the casting process, which results in weakened metal. This possibility is easily avoided with a handmade piece.

Bespoke Gem Sizes

The setting of a gemstone/s in a handmade piece is measured and made to fit the selected gemstone/s perfectly, unlike a cast piece where it is limited to a select size of gemstones.

Variety Of Metal Colours & Modifications

Different coloured metals and modifications are also possible during the handmaking phase as opposed to a cast made jewellery. For example, if you wanted a yellow gold shank with white gold top this would be easy to achieve with a handmade piece.

No limitations In Design

Cast made jewellery can also be limited by the software however, handmade jewellery has a limitless range of design styles.

Common Misconception:

A common misconception is that handmade jewellery will take longer and cost more to make. This is definitely not the case with Artisans Bespoke Jewellers. Our team of talented jewellers and setter have fine-tuned their craft, making the process of hand making faster, which can often be less expensive and timely compared to making the same piece using CAD and cast techniques.

A more sustainable option:

We believe that handmade jewellery is a more sustainable option in the long run (as opposed to cast made jewellery) because you have the option to remodel from an existing piece. For instance, did you know that we can reuse the gold, gemstone/s from your jewellery collection even if it’s broken? This is a great way to keep sentimental pieces and their memories within the family and be able to hand it down to future generations.

Explore our handmade jewellery ranges below:

Contact Artisans Bespoke Jewellers to book a jewellery design consultation or to discuss your jewellery design options with our team.