Artisans Wedding Photoshoot – Behind the scenes

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Behind the scenes team photo

Join us as we go behind the scenes of our wedding photoshoot…

List of our amazing team from the day:
Photographer & Retoucher – Olivia from Liv Photography
Hair & Makeup Artist – Jim from Jim Jirarnuttaruj
Garment Stylist – Mette from Be Divine
Product Stylist – Hazel from Artisans Bespoke Jewellers
Talent – Adele & Luke from Chic Management
Social Media – Leanne from Hardcastle Business Support
Wedding Dresses – Paddington Weddings
Flowers – Anna from Flowers By Forrest
Photoshoot Venue – Darling & Co


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At Artisans Bespoke Jewellers, it didn’t take the official legalisation of gay marriage for us recognise that love is love. We have been creating beautiful bespoke pieces for same-sex couples for many years and we have lots of examples we can share with you if you need help with your design. Just contact us for an appointment, bring some ideas, thoughts & stories with you and we’ll do the rest!

Summer Jewellery Trends – Yellow Diamonds, Cognacs and Sapphires

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If you’re a summer-loving sister, check out these beautiful coloured gemstones and diamonds that would be perfect to ring in summer.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds were rarely seen until their discovery in South Africa in the late 1860s. Yellow diamonds are less common than the colourless diamonds, but are far more common than blue, pink, and red diamonds.

Yellow diamonds come in a variety of shades and are graded in order from; fancy light, fancy, fancy intense and fancy vivid being the most opaque in colour. If you’re in the market for an engagement ring and don’t want to go for a typical white diamond, try yellow diamonds. They’re also a fantastic investment piece.



Cognacs, also know as brown diamonds were typically considered good only for industrial use until the 1980s, when abundant quantities of them began to appear in the production of the Argyle mines. In Australia, we gave them names like “cognac” and “champagne” and they are very popular alternatives to diamonds for engagement rings and dress rings.

Yellow Sapphires

Yellow Sapphires

Happy, bright, and beautiful, yellow sapphires sparkle from every angle and come in a variety of shades. Sapphires have an extremely high refractive rate, meaning they’re extremely sparkly. Perfect for your engagement or dress ring.

  • Mineral: Corundum
  • Chemistry: Al2O3
  • Color: Every color but red
  • Refractive index: 1.762 to 1.770
  • Birefringence: 0.008 to 0.010
  • Specific gravity: 4.00
  • Mohs Hardness: 9

These stones channel the cheeriness of a sunny day; it’s impossible not to smile when you see a yellow sapphire.

August Birthstone: Spinel Gemstone

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Spinel is a good candidate for the title of “History’s Most Underappreciated Gem.” Some ancient mines that supplied gems for royal courts from Rome to China produced spinel, but it was usually confused with better-known stones like ruby and sapphire.

At Artisans Bespoke Jewellers, we love working with Spinels as they come in a variety of colors, in particular red and pink. Mauve- or lilac-colored spinels are also attractive, and some blue spinel colors can be intense.

Spinel Facts
  • Mineral:   spinel
  • Chemistry: MgAl2O4
  • Color: red, orange, pink, purple, blue, black
  • Refractive index: 1.718
  • Birefringence: none
  • Specific gravity: 3.60
  • Mohs Hardness: 8

Here are some beautiful Spinel combinations we have available to incorporate into your jewellery designs.

Source: GIA