In 2024, Artisans Bespoke Jewellers celebrates women who have forged change, equality and empowerment.

As we #InspireInclusion, join us in recognising the achievements of our Artisans Bespoke Jewellers clients and team.

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Tammy Keers

An industry leader in the Jewellery Trade, Tammy Keers – Owner of Artisans Bespoke Jewellers is also a Mum, Daughter, Sister, Auntie, Niece, Godmother and valued Friend to many.

Pushing the status quo in a male-dominated industry, Tammy is a passionate advocate for Women in the workplace, with six of her nine staff being Women.

Having worked in the Jewellery Industry for over twenty-five years, Tammy is well respected for her work behind the scenes in mentoring young Jewellers. 

“I wish for a future of equality for humanity.”

– Tammy Keers

Dr Wendy Price

General Practitioner & Breast Medicine Doctor

“I work in general practice, and in breast medicine in the public and private sector in all three of my jobs. I work closely with women of a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. It is one of the things I like best about my work and I feel it is a privilege.”

“I love wearing the rings Tammy created for me. The designs are spectacular and often create conversation. The best bit is the cleverness of the design means I can wear them at work as they are practical as well as stunning.”

Peggy Ekeledo-Smith

Tennis lover,  Honoured Mother of 3, Entrepreneur and ‘Unicorn’ gemstone-hunter

“Born with a thirst for knowledge, I have remained steadfast in my desire to help people.  Hailing from London I discovered my passion for law, whilst working for a Young Offenders charity.  I moved to study law and qualified as a solicitor and then to become a Barrister.  During my time at the Bar I championed the spirit of equality and empowerment for women in all walks of life.  Striving where possible to keep mothers with their children.” 

“After 10years in law, my family and I moved to Brisbane to run a business in a space I had never worked in.  It was challenging but once again, I had many strong enthusiastic women on my journey to provide the support and guidance I needed.  Now, 11 years in, I continue to work with fabulous women providing high quality health care for people in the Metro North Region.”  

“I discovered Tammy whilst attending a charity luncheon where she had generously donated a coloured stone, which I won. That led me to her shop, where, I have been lucky enough to now own some unique Artisan pieces.  From rings and bespoke necklaces for my children, to my 20th wedding anniversary present, which was a complete surprise…my husband and Tammy collaborated on this without my knowledge…it truly is my favourite piece of jewellery as it reflects my children, my husband and me.  Then there is my one totally indulgent necklace I bought for myself to celebrate turning 50 during Covid…nothing to say there but WOW!”

“I notice that despite Tammy’s success with her team of fabulous creators she remains refreshingly modest, letting her work speak volumes.  I am looking forward to her finding me a hexagon Paraiba Tourmaline, also jokingly known as my unicorn stone so she can make a wonderful ring for me.”

Nikki Keith

Chief People Officer and Artisans Jewellery-Lover 

“As we approach International Women’s Day, let us unite in celebrating the remarkable achievements of women around the globe. This day is not just a moment to reflect on how far we have come, but a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience that women embody. It is a call to action to break down the barriers that still hold women back, to champion gender equality in every sphere of life. Let’s honor the trailblazers who have paved the way and support the dreams and ambitions of the next generation of women leaders. Together, we can create a world where every woman and girl has the opportunity to succeed and to be heard. On this International Women’s Day, let’s commit to lifting each other up, to fighting for justice and inclusivity, and to celebrating the incredible contributions women make every day. Let’s make equality a reality for all, because when women thrive, humanity thrives.”

“Having been a devoted client of Artisans for many years— dating back to the days when Tammy was crafting her magic from her garage—I’ve had the privilege of adorning myself with numerous magnificent pieces of jewellery. Each creation by Artisans is a testament to their unparalleled craftsmanship. The team’s dedication to exceptional service transforms each encounter into an incredible experience. From the first consultation to the awe-inspiring reveal, they deliver a flawless, tailored process that highlights meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding. Among my treasures, a standout is my exquisite morganite and diamond ring, a special gift from my husband for a milestone birthday. This piece holds a special place in my heart and never fails to get admiration every time I wear it.”

Kirsten Fogg

Australian-Canadian journalist, award-winning essayist and suicide loss survivor

Kirsten Fogg is an Australian-Canadian journalist and award-winning essayist who has been shaped by living in four countries across three continents and by the suicide of her 16-year-old brother. She aims to embrace complexity and ambiguity whether she’s writing about moving countries or suicide prevention. Her essays have been published in U.S. and Canadian literary journals and produced by ABC Radio National. Her journalism has appeared in various world media. 

As a suicide loss survivor, Kirsten was plagued by guilt and didn’t talk about her brother for three decades. Now she’s working to remove the shame and stigma attached to suicide by becoming a public speaker on suicide prevention. When Kirsten is writing or speaking she always works to foster new understandings centred on hope.

Kirsten was born in Canada and lived in France and England, but Australia will always be her home. She’s working on her first book.

“I have known Tammy for 17 years and I have several pieces from her and her team, but my pink sapphire ring is my favourite. After the birth of our children (and a little prompting) my husband surprised me with a white gold band with one sapphire. On the bottom of the shank, Tammy inserted two small diamonds, one representing each of my daughters. Later I asked Tammy to redesign the ring into something more glamorous and she came up with this fabulous art deco style. I wear it whenever I go out (but not paddle boarding!). Some women have power suits, I have a power ring. It reminds me to be courageous, strong and gentle. It means a lot to me that it was created by Tammy, an artist who shares my values.” 

Jodie Twite

International Events & Partnerships Professional

Jodie Twite, a seasoned international events and partnerships professional based in Brisbane, is much more than her professional title. She wears various hats – daughter, sister, stepmother, aunty, and wife. With a global footprint, she has played a pivotal role in executing prestigious events like the Olympics, Men’s FIFA World Cup, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and now with Paralympics Australia.

In the interludes between these high-profile international commitments, Jodie immersed herself in Queensland’s vibrant arts scene. Her contributions extended to institutions such as QAGOMA and Queensland Ballet, enriching her professional journey with a cultural flair.

Rooted in the values instilled by her strong mother and sister – courage, creativity, inclusivity, independence, and resilience – Jodie is drawn to formidable and capable women who uplift one another. Beyond the global success, her story unfolds as a testament to the intertwining of the influential women she calls friends and colleagues who have shaped her unique and always fun journey.

“My beloved artisan piece is more than just a ring; it’s a testament to the unique journey that led me to say “I do” at the age of 49. Crafted by the skilled hands of Tammy and the Artisans team, this special ring tells a story with a stunning pink morganite embraced by elegant baguette diamonds, all encased in a white gold band. Choosing to wear only this ring is like wearing a daily reminder to break from tradition and hold onto what truly brings me joy. It’s not just jewellery; it’s a personal celebration of love, patience, and embracing the things that make me truly happy.”

Anastasia Hobbs-Brown

Registered Celebrant, Champion of Love & Artisans Jewellery-Lover

“I’m Anastasia and I’m honoured to be involved with the IWD campaign for Artisans in 2024. I adore my Queensland Government role, supporting women spanning a plethora of cultures and diverse social circumstances; some requiring our services at a most vulnerable point in their lives.”

You have much to offer this world. Believe it! A statement that I live by and endeavour to gently impart to the women I encounter through life.

“Another facet of my role is as a QLD Government Registered Celebrant. Facilitating the civil union of couples, each with a unique story, witnessed by treasured loved ones and gloriously supportive friends – these moments are so precious and are filled with promise! For IWD, I’m taking moments to reflect on the multi-faceted roles of women’s lives and renewing my vow to support each other with every interaction!”

Shay Daly

Jeweller, CAD Specialist and Advocate of Endometriosis Awareness

After studying animation for 5 years and realising that my career path wasn’t for me, I pursued my dream of becoming a jeweller. I then embarked on a 4-year apprenticeship, learning all areas of jewellery, where I worked under the best handmade jewellers in Brisbane Artisans Bespoke Jewellers. Now 7 years into the trade, I have combined both my passions, becoming an expert in CAD and also handmade jewellery, creating unique designs and finely crafted jewellery. 

My favourite Artisans piece is the Enchanted Iris earrings. This was one of the first major pieces of jewellery I made for Artisans and holds a special place in my heart. Working for a female-dominated workplace has been very empowering and supportive. It is rare to have such a lovely and supporting group of females around you. 

Participating in International Women’s Day holds significant meaning for me. It’s a chance to honour the remarkable women in our lives and recognise all those who have supported, empowered, and encouraged us to become the individuals we are today. 

At times, being a woman can be incredibly challenging. I’ve grappled with endometriosis for over half of my life, and it has profoundly affected every aspect of my existence. Advocating for awareness of this disease has become a significant passion of mine. Instead of suffering in silence, I’ve chosen to be transparent and forthright about how endometriosis impacts me, fostering a more supportive work environment for everyone. I’ve launched a line of jewellery to raise funds for endometriosis, crafting designs that transform something painful and unsightly into objects of beauty worthy of celebration. 

Thank you to our amazing Artisans women who allowed us to share their stories!