Our Story

Tammy Keers is the brains and driving force behind Artisans Bespoke Jewellers. When Tammy was 17, she began her jewellery journey with her Bachelor of Jewellery Design in South Australia. After completing her four year apprenticeship, Tammy moved to Queensland with a dream to open a studio that provided extensive design ideas accompanied with technical jewellery manufacturing skills. After working briefly for a Brisbane jeweller, Tammy made the leap and opened her own shop and workshop, operating out of her garage.

Sticking with her dream and providing extensive jewellery design ideas and realizing them for her customers using her technical jewellery manufacturing skills, Tammy’s dream became a reality.

Customers, discovering Tammy for the first time, loved the breath of fresh air that she provided in her designs and the business grew quickly.

Three years later it was time to move out of her garage and Tammy has had her Paddington shop for 10 years. Tammy has expanded her business to include a trusted team of eight.

Her reputation continues to grow and she still has customers who remember visiting her in her garage and that is testament not only to her work, but also to the relationships that she builds through these connections.

To get started on your next jewellery design, contact us on 3369 3798 to book your appointment today.