Many of us have rings, bangles, bracelets and earrings lying in our jewellery boxes that never see the light of day. Tammy and the team can work with you to design a new, beautiful, totally bespoke piece/s using your old jewellery.

We understand and respect the history and stories behind your old family pieces, so let us know whether you’d like to completely change the design or if you just want to freshen the piece up and still retain the original look. Whatever you want to do, at Artisans Bespoke Jewellers, we can do that with you.

Let us breathe new life into your old pieces and contact us today.

One Bangle To Rule Them All…

This particular customer made an appointment to chat to us about remodeling some of her jewellery. She had four rings and two bracelets with her, all of which she wasn’t happy with the quality or style of.

We chatted to her about what she was after and quickly settled on a feminine art deco floral bracelet design that we sketched for her.

The bangle was created with an intricate flower style top section and a hinge clasp. The hinge mechanism was fully handmade by us, and not sourced externally. Because we handmade the entire piece onsite, we know that this bracelet has been made to last.

By comparison, if we had created this piece using a process called ‘casting’, the integrity of the bangle and the hinge would be lost, and we couldn’t fully guarantee that it would last as long as a handmade piece.

As you can see, our remodeling pieces are an extremely personalized experience, beginning with your initial consultation and following through to the final product. It’s important to us that you go home with a piece of jewellery that is personal, tells a story and pays respect to the original pieces.

A Sister’s Legacy…

Sadly, our customer Merryl recently lost her sister. Merryl’s sister left her a rose gold garnet and black diamond ring. Noticing that the garnets and diamonds were falling out, Merryl brought the ring to us for repairs.

After taking a look at the ring and noticing the worn condition it was in, we recommended remodeling the ring using the existing gemstones.

Understandably, it was very important to Merryl that the ring retain its original look and feel and we respected and understood that brief.

By carefully unsetting the stones, we were able to reuse the garnets and diamonds. We then handmade a new ring with more gold and a lower profile. This resulted in a ring that is not only more comfortable to wear, but will last longer. The original ring weighed 3 grams and the new weight was 11 grams.

If you’re looking to refresh a piece of jewellery but you don’t want it to be unrecognizable from the original, we can do that for you. Just like we did for Merryl and her sister’s ring. We’re able to unset and reuse gemstones and we can even source gems to match the colour, size or cut of the existing gems. Following your wishes, we can create a piece that still looks like the original, but will last a lot longer.