Falling leaves of Autumn was the inspiration Tammy drew from for this collection. A step back in time to a childhood memory, walking through Botanical Gardens with Family. As Autumn progressed the leaves changed colour through the season, displaying a myriad of hues. This wondrous selection of colour features various cuts of Spinels and Sapphires handset in the ever complimentary tone of 18ct Rose Gold.

Each piece in the Willowbrook Collection exhibits a focal centre stone depicting the heart of the Family Unit. These exquisite and hand selected gems create the base of which the Autumn leaves radiate. Harmonious elegance abounds in these meticulously handmade pieces.

A sentimental story told through coloured gemstones. “Coloured Gemstones just make me happy”, Tammy exclaimed when describing the collection. “There is something very special about the process of selecting gems for this range, I had a strong desire to choose unexpected colour combinations. Our Team of onsite Jewellers again eclipsed expectation and hand on heart this range is truly special to me”.

“As elements of my Family and Nature inspire our Willowbrook Collection, I look forward to hearing how these modern family heirlooms become part of your story.” – Tammy Keers